About Kin + Kindling

kin (kin) noun: one’s family and relations.

They say that life is either a grand adventure or nothing at all. For me, my journey began on September 3, 2012 – when our 7 pound, 11 ounce baby girl was placed on my chest. Ever since that day, life has been full of new discoveries: Learning to function on three hours of sleep, beaming with pride at every “first,” working together with my husband to maintain the spark in our marriage, seeing how much the heart is capable of growing with the addition of a new baby brother. It hasn’t always been easy – and the world of motherhood can sometimes feel far less than wonderful – but like any journey worth taking, I’ve somehow managed to find myself along the way.

kin·dling (kindliNG) noun: easily combustible small sticks or twigs used for starting a fire.

While life within the confines of our home’s four walls is often interesting enough, our souls find peace in settling for less. Less noise, more laughter. Less technology, more connecting with nature. Less space, more room for each other. Getting off the grid, living intentionally, and surrounding ourselves with dirt-covered campsites is where we feel most at home.

Kin + Kindling is a place to document the moments when both worlds collide. Join me as I chronicle life as we know it: at home, on the road, and everywhere in-between – living out our grand adventures the best way we know how: with our family in tow.