Family Fun at the Buffalo Museum of Science

This winter has been mild, and also approximately 1,581,018 days long. We have been plagued by the flu, pink eye, sniffly noses and lingering coughs that have required a few too many sick days – and, as a result, cabin fever is settling in strong.

We were thrilled to be invited to the Buffalo Museum of Science for the opening night of their Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit, and thankfully everyone was healthy enough to attend!

The Buffalo Museum of Science is such a local gem – interesting and educational for adults and older kids and hands-on and interactive enough to keep the younger crowd thoroughly entertained. The new mummy exhibit is no exception to this, with Egyptian-inspired games for kids to play and plenty of opportunity for teachable moments throughout the displays.

Both Luke and I agreed that we could have easily spent hours walking through and reading about each individual item. It truly was so interesting and amazing to see how well preserved the mummies were and to think about what the lives of the individuals contained within would have been like.

The Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit officially opens to the public this weekend (Saturday, February 8, 2020) for its U.S. debut! If you find yourself suffering from symptoms of cabin fever, I highly recommend getting out of the house and carving out an afternoon to check it out. You can learn more about the exhibit and get information on pricing here.

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