Playing Catch-Up

Hey, hi, hello! I have been a “bad blogger” for the better part of a year now, and it’s time to climb out of my silence to update on life lately. Here goes.

For starters, we are closing on the House on Hunt Avenue TOMORROW after a painfully long (although, thankfully, relatively problem-free) process. We’re feeling proud of the work that was put into the project and very glad to be able to put it behind us! As for future flips, we’re leaving the possibility open but not actively looking right now. Flipping a house was a great learning experience for all of us, but it took a lot of family time away and we’re not quite willing to repeat that again so soon.

Speaking of family time… we just returned from six weeks of summer travels, where we checked three more National Parks off our family bucket list and rested our heads in the Adirondacks (AKA our happy place) for the majority of the time. It’s always a brutal slap in the face to get back home to reality, but we’re surviving. Luke started his new job today and our schedules are filling up fast with soccer for the kids four nights a week and Back to School looming on the horizon. We’re reminding ourselves that these are the good ol’ days and cherishing every chaotic moment to the best of our ability.

So… what’s next? For starters, we have a business venture we’re dying to start, a new camper that will hopefully be in our driveway by the end of this week, and quite a few house projects to finish up on our to do list.

Stay tuned for more regular content from this corner of the internet soon!

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