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Cutting Down on Clutter With Squared.One

Growing up, my parents often called me “Sloppy Jo” rather than Sammi Jo. It was joked that I could get messy drinking a glass of water, and “cleaning my room” typically meant throwing all my clothes into the bottom of my closet and shutting the door. It wasn’t until I got married and lived in my own home that my messy ways started taking a toll on my sanity (and Luke’s – sorry, babe). I suddenly found myself craving order for my chaos, and the need for organization only intensified as we started having kids and the amount of stuff everywhere was enough to drive me crazy.

If you’re a parent of young or school aged children, you can understand the internal dilemma that happens when your kids ask you to display something on the fridge and before you know it, your stainless steel appliance is completely packed full. The disarray of different magnets and crazy colorful papers and photos just doesn’t jive with my desire to have everything in its place – but I feel the mom guilt without any family photos or mementos on display.

Enter: Squared.One.

Squared.One lets you turn your favorite photos into magnets so you can use them wherever you please! When Squared.One reached out to see if I’d like to try their product, I decided to edit my favorite family photos to black and white to match some existing magnets we had made from a service that has since gone out of business. I couldn’t be happier with the results. This service has been a small saving grace in our kitchen.

Squared.One magnets are extremely good quality – both the thickness of the magnets and the photo clarity is seriously impressive – and these little squares make me happy every time I look at them! (Yes, even when I’m fetching snacks for the kids for the 500th time in a single afternoon.)

You can upload your photos directly from Instagram or edit them and select from your device(s). With magnets available in different shapes and styles, it’s easy to find the right product for your personal taste! For our home, the uniformity of the square magnets paired with the black and white edit has made a big difference in making our refrigerator both personal and clutter free.

…Now if only the inside of the fridge were just as organized!

Do you like to display all.the.things on your fridge, or are you a stickler for tidiness? Share your preference in the comments below!

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