Prioritizing Healthy Habits

January felt approximately 700 days long, and my body is feeling the aftermath of hibernation mode. While I wish I could be a true mama bear and make the excuse that I need to gain weight for the winter, my jeans have served as a constant reminder of my humanity and the extra 5 pounds that I somehow gained in the past month.


To keep myself from sliding down a slippery slope of weight gain, unhealthy eating, and overall sloth-like behavior, I’ve made a commitment to myself to start prioritizing healthy habits.

I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that I will stick 100% to a diet plan or rigorous exercise routine, but I’m determined to make small steps in the right direction to get back to feeling good!

Here are a few things I’m doing to get back on track:

  1. Drink more water. Hi, my name is Samantha Jo Gill and I am addicted to coffee. I was finding myself drinking 3 cups of coffee each day at minimum, followed by a glass of water with dinner (sometimes) and a glass of wine at night before bed (often). I started forcing myself to drink at least one full glass of water in-between any other beverage I wanted during the day, which helped, but still didn’t help me reach the recommended amount of H2O per day. I recently downloaded an app called “Plant Nanny” that holds me accountable for my water intake. Each glass of water I drink waters my virtual plant baby, keeping it alive and keeping me healthy. Sounds silly, yes – but it’s working so who cares?!
  2. Eat more whole foods. Our family meal plan was all too often alternating between chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas, and creamy crock pot dinners. All delicious, but not exactly what one would consider healthy eating. I have been trying to get into a better habit of making a meal plan and sticking to it to avoid the frantic dinnertime rush. Our kids are picky, so it isn’t always easy. I created a Pinterest board with healthy recipes that I’m going to be trying soon. Wish me luck!
  3. Track Calories in vs. Calories out. It’s amazingly eye-opening when you actually track how many calories are in your favorite foods. I don’t eat a ton during the day, but I do have an unhealthy habit of grabbing a handful (or three) of chips in the afternoon instead of eating a healthy lunch, or satisfying my sweet tooth after dinner with a raid of the kids’ candy stash. I’ve been trying to reach for healthy snacks instead like the apple chips pictured above, almonds, or Greek yogurt; and I downloaded the LoseIt app to track my calorie intake in order to reach a healthy weight. The app adjusts based on how well you’re sticking to the recommended amount of calories each day – which provides me with an end goal to work towards. (I’m currently on track to reach my goal weight on April 25th.)

Once spring weather finally arrives, I’m making it a goal to get out for some exercise at least three times each week – whether it’s taking Zeke for a walk around the block or booking classes at my favorite local barre studio for a good morning muscle shake.

Have you packed on some extra pounds this winter, too? What are you doing to prioritize your health? If you have any great wellness tips that don’t require intense cardio or MLM products, I’m all ears!

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