Our kids have a book called Stuck that was once one of their favorites to read at nap time. In it, a little boy named Floyd loses his kite in a tree and tries throwing objects to knock the kite down. Despite his best attempts, nothing works to retrieve his beloved toy. Instead, everything he tosses ends up getting stuck, too.

SPOILER ALERT: Eventually (after throwing a whale, a house, and a team of firemen – among other things – at the tree), the kite falls down and Floyd skips happily away.

My life lately feels a bit like little Floyd’s from the book. But instead of a kite that is stuck and out of reach, it’s my creativity and passion. Let me give you some background information:

A few months ago, I went from the highest of professional highs – a fancy title, meetings with high-level celebrity teams in New York City, client trips to Miami, etc. – to the lowest point I’ve experienced in my career in quite some time. I had some rather large professional discrepancies with my biggest client and as a result of being treated unfairly, was forced to sever ties with them. My client roster went from being packed full with creative projects to the bare minimum almost overnight. While it kills my pride to say it, I’m having a hard time finding my passion for work again.

I feel stuck.

And no matter how many new projects I land or contracts I sign, I can’t seem to shake my feelings of internal disappointment. My goals feel out of reach, stuck up in a tree with no feasible way to bring them back down within grasp.

I know eventually things will fall back into place for me. One of those “A-ha!” moments surely can’t be too far away, even if I can’t see it now. My dream client(s) and creative projects will somehow drop from the tree and I’ll be there waiting to skip along on my merry way when it happens.

Until then, I’ll be busy finding ways to reclaim my creativity and the professional passion I’m missing. Even if it means climbing up the branches one small step at a time to find it.

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