5 Things I’m Loving This Winter

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I’m slowly but surely coming out of a seven day head cold funk, and finally starting to feel human again. Judging by my Facebook feed, it seems that quite a few people are suffering through sickness this winter; and if you’re anything like me, sick days = infinite amounts of scrolling through social media.

So here’s a little something for those of you bedridden, couch dwelling, or just plain procrastinating getting any actual work done today.

5 Things I’m loving this winter:

My new record player. I hinted hard for this for Christmas this year and my husband passed along the intel to my in-laws. I’ve been loving throwing a good record on while cleaning the house, reading, or getting work done at my computer. I scoured the shelves at a great local record shop and found so many gems, my favorite of which are Elton John’s Greatest Hits, James Taylor, and Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell!

Comfy Clothes. I initially purchased my first CuddlDuds attire last year for a sponsored post and instantly fell in love with their quality and comfortability. I’ve been wearing this top on the regular for picking up the kids from school and can’t wait to layer the leggings under snow pants whenever mother nature decides to drop another round of the white stuff!

Other cozy items I’m loving: these Aerie joggers and the most comfortable flannel PJs.

The Samsung Frame TV. By far my favorite Christmas gift this year! Luke surprised me and went all out with buying me this TV, and while I’m not typically one to get too psyched over electronics, the Frame is amazing and worth every penny. It sits flush to the wall and features beautiful images (which you can upload yourself!) while in Art Mode to look like a gallery frame rather than an eyesore of a television. It’s the perfect finishing factor on our built-in shelving/fireplace wall and I can’t get enough of it.

Quality rain boots. If you are a local Western New Yorker, you know this weather has been far from the norm in January. Lots of rain/snow mixes and surprisingly warm days have led to muddy, sloppy conditions outdoors. I’ve been enjoying throwing on my Totes Cirrus Rain Boots for quick errands, taking the garbage out, and grabbing the mail. They keep my feet nice and dry and are so simple to slip on and off when I’m in a rush! (Use code CIRRUSGIFT30 to save on a pair for yourself or your littles!)

Our bedroom tree. I’ve always been Team Real Christmas Tree, but buying this artificial tree from Walmart this winter has been a game changer! I convinced Luke that we needed a bedroom tree and I’m already dreading the day we have to take it down. Luckily I think it’s perfectly appropriate to stay put through winter, and the twinkle lights and flocked branches add an extra level of cozy to our room that I really love, especially after taking down the rest of our Christmas decor.

What items in your home are bringing you joy this winter? Share them with me in the comments below!

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