My Marleigh Jo is SIX years old today. And while I would wax poetic about the fact that she’s more-than-one-hand years old, I’m choosing instead to stick with the positives and talk less about the oh my gosh how did this happen I swear she was just born yesterday feelings.

Here are a few things I want to remember about Marleigh at age 6.

She is smart. Super smart. She is reading at a third grade level (at least) and flies through books like nobody’s business. She read Black Beauty in two days, The BFG in less than two weeks, and James and the Giant Peach in even less time. She loves to read and loves learning – the reading part she gets from me, the math side of things she definitely acquired from her daddy’s DNA!

She is kind. She rarely accepts any special treats without asking for one for her little brother. She is almost always putting other people’s feelings first and her heart is one of the biggest I’ve ever known.

She is faith-full. As in, full of faith. We lovingly call her “Marleigh the Missionary” and she makes us tear up on the regular with her innocent ways. She says prayers for everything and everyone – and when she fills out the church prayer requests, they’re nothing short of inspiring. The best part about her faith is that she is 100% confident that God will answer her prayers. And to be honest, He usually does!

She is brave. She has tackled so many of her fears and insecurities this past summer. From having a leech on her from the lake at Rollins Pond, to falling off her bike and getting cuts and scrapes, and conquering her crazy fear of bandaids to fix said wounds, we have been incredibly proud of her maturity and bravery in the last few months alone! (Just don’t ask us about the great sliver incident of 2018 – ha)

She is silly. Even when (especially when) she doesn’t try to be! She is always making us laugh – with her own laughter and her mature vocabulary!

She is loved. Oh how she is loved! There are no words to explain how much we adore our sweet girl. For all of the above reasons and so many more, she is our best girl and we could not be more proud of everything she is becoming. She has taught us more in her six years of life than we will likely ever be able to teach her (though we will try!), and I can’t wait to see how many more lessons we learn together along the way.

Happy 6th birthday, Mar Mar. We love you all the numbers in the whole world, and I am so proud to be your mommy!

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