My Corporate Retreat at the Curtiss Hotel

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to an overnight “staycation” at the Curtiss Hotel. I made the goal to get away and focus on me right after the New Year, and by the time my room was booked, the escape was completely necessary.

A growing client roster, a threenager attempting to rule the roost at home, and a change in my birth control (TMI?) had me feeling like I was quite literally taking crazy pills. I was uncontrollably irritable and my head was constantly spinning with a million loose ends to tie up and no time to do it all.

The Curtiss was a wonderful place to focus on my mental health and check some tasks off my growing to-do list. The 24 hours away from home was my own personal corporate retreat – a chance to refocus, re-energize, set new goals, and feed my introvert spirit.

I ate junk food without sharing, enjoyed a glass of prosecco at 3PM without judgment, and didn’t have to talk to a single person for a solid 7 hours (until I called the kids and Luke to check in before meeting my sister for dinner and drinks downtown).

While I stayed in my room pretty much the entire time, the Curtiss Hotel had everything necessary for a swanky staycation. The next time I visit, it will be for a romantic trip for two so Luke and I can enjoy the Roman hot bath, rooftop lounge, and a little bit of R&R together. But this time around, some me time was just what the doctor ordered!

– Special thanks to the Curtiss Hotel for the discounted stay in exchange for this review –

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