Don’t Quit Your Daydream

The other day, I ran into an acquaintance and in the midst of typical small-talk, I was asked how my “blogging job” was going. And not that I’m not proud of this little space here. I am. But there’s a whole lot more to what I do than post sporadically on my personal blog. The chat made me realize that I never actually talk about my professional life on this space – until now, that is.

A bit of a backstory:

Back when Marleigh was a newborn, I was working the 9-5 office life grind at a boutique advertising agency. I loved my job, but being away from home and our sweet baby girl was not cutting it for my personal wellbeing. Three months into her life, I made the decision to quit and try my hand at freelancing. It was a long journey – one that included several “odd jobs” along the way. A retail position, working as a legal transcriptionist, and answering phones at a commercial brokerage company allowed me to limp along until my client roster grew to the point where it would be enough to help support our family’s financial needs.

Jump to today:

After a lot of hard work, tears, and prayer, my day job and my daydreams became one. I currently run my own business where I offer clients a full suite of copywriting, proofreading, content development, and social media services. I have several clients, both national and local, and I can honestly say I love what I do. I get to work from home surrounded by the cutest coworkers in the world and I am constantly reminded of how blessed and fortunate I am to be able to do what I love with who I love at the same time.

If you’re ever wondering what exactly it is I do, here are a few shameless plugs:

  1. Take a look at the Only In Your State site on the daily. I am the Buffalo City Writer for OIYS and publish daily articles promoting our wonderful city and the surrounding Western New York area. I also manage the @onlyinbuffalo Instagram account.
  2. Follow BloomsyBox on social media and head over to their website. My prettiest client by far! I manage and maintain the BloomsyBox social media accounts (Facebook | IG | Twitter), publish regular blog posts to the Bloomsy Blog, and help with content development for web, email, and digital marketing initiatives.
  3. Stay updated on new clients and projects on my business website, Write On. I am proud to partner with agencies and businesses on a regular basis for copywriting, proofreading, and content development projects.

You can also find me in the following features:

Buffalo Boss Babes

The Boss Diary

And, this weekend you can find me enjoying my first “corporate retreat” – a hotel room, my planner, a bottle of prosecco (because let’s be real), and some peace and quiet to work on my goals and aspirations for 2018.

Now that you know what I do for a living, I’d love to hear about your day jobs and daydreams, too! Leave your profession and passions in the comments below so we can connect!

*Photos c/o Naa Kwaley

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