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Road Trip Recap Part 2: Lake George, NY

Kin and Kindling travel Lake George

After our week in Shenandoah, we had plans to travel slowly back up the East Coast with a week-long stay in Hershey, PA. We splurged on a campsite at a “glamping” style resort (totally outside of our usual camping comfort zone) and started making our way. When we arrived at around 4:00, it was 92º and the place we had booked was so crowded. The campers were parked literally three feet apart from awning to awning. Luke and I looked at each other and hardly had to say a word before we decided to leave and wing it on where our next stop would be.

Being that it was a holiday weekend, almost everywhere we called was booked solid. We ended up finding a place in Lake George, NY that had one campsite still available, so we booked it for the next morning and spent the night at a hotel in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Room service pizza and swimming in the hotel pool got us all back in good spirits and the hiccup in our plans actually ended up being one of the highlights of the trip!

When we arrived in Lake George the next afternoon, it felt like we were right where we were meant to be. Cool Adirondack breezes welcomed us in (followed by an epic thunderstorm the first evening) and we started planning our adventures for the week.

I did a lot of work while we were at Lake George to catch up from the week before and get ahead a few days for while we were at our next destination, but we still managed to have a few fun family days! The first day, we took off in the truck to find a good spot to throw the kayaks in the water for a family paddle. We ended up finding the perfect place and spent a decent chunk of the morning and early afternoon exploring Lake George and taking in the sights. We found a nice shady spot to pull over for some snacks and to let the kids play with their squirt guns, and enjoyed our time as just the four of us.

On our way back to the truck, we were paddling through a more swampy area of the lake and came across a loon in the water. Rather than ducking under and swimming away like loons typically do, this particular bird came extremely close to us – even swimming and bumping into Luke’s kayak at one point! We couldn’t believe how brave it was being, until we looked over and spotted her nest with three giant loon eggs. Luke snapped this picture of her once he was able to get my camera out of the storage section of the kayak (there’s your photo credit, babe!). It really was amazing and the closest either of us had ever been to our favorite Adirondack birds!

We spent our 4th of July at my cousin’s house in nearby Saratoga Springs swimming in their pool and enjoying the company of adults. After a full day of sun and good food, we made it back to Lake George to watch some of the fireworks display from the truck (or, at least three of us did. Huck fell asleep in his carseat about 10 minutes after we left Saratoga).

The rest of our week was mainly spent working and watching the kids play in the dirt together at the campsite. Luke played many-a-game of velcro catch with Marleigh (who is getting a killer arm, by the way!) and we finally got a chance to catch up on our laundry from our travels.

After a busy week of activities at Shenandoah and a lot of time on the road, it was nice to have a little bit of down time and get things back in order for the next leg of our journey. Stay tuned!

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