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Road Trip Recap Part 3: Lake Eaton, NY

It’s been a little over a month since we were here, but it already feels like a distant memory. Lake Eaton was the shortest portion of our trip but my personal favorite part of our travels.

The campground at Lake Eaton is admittedly nothing spectacular, but the views are top-notch and we’ve always had the best, most relaxing times camping here. Although the forecast wasn’t stellar for our stay, we managed to make it out of the extended long weekend with only a few hours of hit-or-miss rain showers!

We did a couple family hikes on one of our first days here and finished up the Tupper Lake Triad with Marleigh, who was super pumped to get her achievement patch in the mail a couple weeks ago!

Story time: While we were hiking up Mt. Arab, we came across a rather large snake on the trail and I realized that in “fight or flight” situations, I flight (and black out in the process). I managed to pick Huck up as the snake was slithering towards us, and the next thing I remember was being steps ahead of where I started with the snake going into the leaves on the other side. After talking to Luke, he was able to grab Huck from my arms, put him further up the trail, and lead the snake off the trail as I ran up. I have no recollection of any of it! Crazy.

Anyway… we managed to catch a few views from the top despite the cloud cover and made our way back down with no more reptile encounters, thank God.

Since I was able to get a ton of work done while we were in Lake George the week prior, a lot of our time at Lake Eaton was spent soaking up quality family time. Luke and Marleigh went off one afternoon to hike Owls Head, we played many-a-game of Uno together, had plenty of bonfires, kayaked around the lake, and went into town a couple times for lunch and gift shopping.

We were also able to set up my hammock for the first time on the trip, and I was able to enjoy an entire afternoon relaxing in it until the kids woke up from their naps and took over. They had a blast pretending to be caterpillars in their cocoon and emerging as beautiful butterflies – such goof balls! Their giggles made it well worth ending my “me time.”

Meet Chester 1 and Chester 2, our campsite pets. One of my favorite memories of Huck from last summer was when we fed ducks and he kept yelling at them to “Eat your sammich!”. This year, he was a little more calm and a lot more brave – both he and Marleigh had the ducks eating bread right from their hands! We went through almost an entire package of hot dog rolls  before they waddled their way back to the lake.

Such sweet memories from such a beautiful spot. When it was time to pack up and leave, we were all a bit sad to say goodbye to Lake Eaton, but knowing that our next destination included the ocean and another National Park made leaving the Blue Line a little bit easier!

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