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Road Trip Recap: Travel Playlists

From start to finish, our road trip consisted of over 40 hours of driving time in the truck in-between destinations and eventually back home again. Before we left, I’ll admit that Luke and I were a bit concerned about how the kids would do with so much time buckled into their car seat/booster seat. We brought some essentials: a huge bin of toys, the iPad and holder with about 10 downloaded movies from Amazon Prime, and – of course – a lot of snacks to help us through!

One thing that kept us sane as parents (in-between episodes of Octonauts and about approximately a half-dozen showings of Cars) was having a couple great playlists to listen to while we traveled from country roads to highways and back to country roads again.

Here are the songs we listened to along the way:

Playlist 1: Courtesy of Luke. This one ranges from calm coffee shop-style tunes to upbeat folky music. It was the perfect playlist to start when we got closer to our destinations!

Playlist 2: This one was my creation and it was a good one to listen to when the kids (and I) were feeling a bit “punchy” and sick of being in the truck. It has a little bit of everything – from country to Bruno Mars. Nothing gets the wiggles out like a little bit of car dancing!

So… how did traveling with two kids for 40 hours go? Marleigh and Huck exceeded any and all expectations on the trip. We didn’t have a single tantrum/argument/meltdown from either of them, and they actually asked if their seats could be right next to each other for the ride home instead of having the toy bin in-between so they could be closer together. We were so happy with how well they did and it definitely made the travels easier on us, too. (#Blessed) Screen-time and snacks FTW!

What are your favorite songs to listen to on a long road trip? Share your playlist links with me in the comments! 

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