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Simple essentials for life on the road

A little over a week ago, we packed our camper for 27 days on the road and looked forward to new sights, sounds, and landscapes to explore. If packing for 3+ weeks away from home sounds daunting to you, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it is.

I have, however, discovered a few ways to make the temporarily-nomadic lifestyle a bit less overwhelming. Let me break it down for you in three steps:

  1. Pack the things that make life on the road feel more like home. For us, that includes a favorite gnome candle, a letter board to document places traveled or funny quotes from our kids, an aloe plant for a bit of greenery (and in case of sunburn), and throw pillows/blankets and wall hangings to cozy up blank spaces.
  2. Bring enough clothes for 7 days in any weather condition. Layers for the mountains of Shenandoah National Park; bathing suits, shorts, and “play clothes” for the Adirondacks, a few nautical items and beach hats for the coast of Maine. We pack for almost every extreme – thick jackets, hats, and gloves for chilly nights all the way to our bikinis and swim trunks. Better safe than sorry!
  3. Don’t forget the essentials. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo/body wash/face wash, sanitizing wipes, sunscreen, flashlights, a lighter, and bug spray all take up permanent residency inside our camper – tucked neatly away in their own labeled totes.

Along with the pretty parts – the sunsets over the Appalachian Mountains, kayaking with loons on the lake, and watching your kids’ imaginations run wild in the outdoors, camping for extended periods of time isn’t always roses and butterflies (although there have been several butterflies – but more on that later!).

The nitty gritty of camping is this:

  • Taking 2-minute showers because your camper’s hot water tank is SMALL
  • Using flashlights as lighting to preserve battery life while “dry camping” with no electricity or water
  • Eating hot dogs for three out of seven dinners each week (OK, that part isn’t really all that bad)
  • Going to sleep each night reeking of bug spray and bonfires
  • And, if you’re not lucky enough to have your own toilet, braving the bugs and spiders of campground bathrooms

Thankfully, we have a full bathroom inside our camper (glamping FTW) with a shower, small tub, sink, vanity, and toilet. I’m all about being one with nature, but when “nature calls,” I like to have my own space and most importantly… my own toilet paper. It sounds simple, but having good TP when you’re traveling is a serious luxury item! We stock up onScott Rapid Dissolving Bath Tissue toilet tissue from Amazon Prime before our travels and within two days, our summer stock of toilet paper is at our door and ready for its home in our bathroom.

Scott Rapid Dissolving Bath Tissue is specifically made for RVs, boats, buses, and sensitive septic systems. While the toilet paper is easily dissolvable (breaks up four times faster than the average bath tissue), it doesn’t skimp on strength or softness when you need it. The sheets are soft and super absorbent, plus gentle on the skin – which is especially important when you have a four year old!

Head to Amazon to purchase the product and redeem a $2.50 off coupon! If you’re not into camping, there are are several other great Scott products available on Amazon here.

Want to see more of the places we’ve been calling home this summer? Press play! 

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