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Kicking off Camping Season 2017

We typically like to start our camping season early and end it late – we’ve towed our campers through snow storms in the mountains of West Virginia to camp during spring break, and Luke has even stayed in it well into November during hunting season. This year, we were forced to wait until late May to start the season, as we were waiting on the arrival of our new camper (more on that to come!). We took a quick weekend trip to our favorite local campground, Evangola State Park, which ended up being plagued with Huck coming down with the stomach bug midway through. I left my camera at home for the sake of soaking in the moments with my family, and ended up soaking clothes and blankets in Clorox instead. Ah, life!

Our first true camping excursion was on Memorial Day weekend when we hit up Woodstream, another local campground. We have been camping with Luke’s family here since our early dating days, and while I originally had a bad taste in my mouth about the place, I’ve actually grown to love it. It’s great for the kids – with walkable and bike-friendly roads, two playgrounds, a sandbox, a store for “treats” and ice cream (and hot coffee in the mornings for mommy!), and even a mini golf course. We spent the weekend with Luke’s aunt and uncle and their new puppy, and everyone had a great time. We even managed to dodge the rain in the forecast all weekend until it was time to pack up for home on Monday morning.

It didn’t take long into our stay to remember: these are the moments I live for.

Sunny afternoons spent with giggling kids around the campsite, peaceful nap times spent soaking up the peace and quiet, Luke cooking dinner on the camp grill, and sitting under the stars with s’mores in hand and a crackling fire nearby. We have so many adventures ahead of us, and I can’t help but feel like this summer is going to be our best one yet!

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