On the Road

Saturday in St. Paul

Saturday, I had the day to myself and decided to walk to the farmer’s market a few blocks from our hotel. I ended up walking over 5 miles that afternoon seeing the sights that St. Paul has to offer along the Mississippi River and soaking up the beautiful sunshine. Then – I treated myself to a mani-pedi and room service lunch.

That evening, Luke and I grabbed dinner at a burger restaurant down the street from the hotel and walked down to the water to “dip a toe” in the Mississippi, a tradition we do with our kids whenever we visit a new lake or river. When we got back to the room, we went online to check in for our flight only to realize that our seats weren’t going to be together, causing a mild meltdown by me and making us consider canceling our flight and renting a car for a 14 hour drive home. Thankfully, Luke called Delta’s customer service line and they were able to get our seats together, thank God!

By Sunday, we were so ready to get back home to our kids. I grabbed a coffee in the morning and spent a few final moments of peace and quiet with my book on a park bench while I waited for Luke to be done with his last seminar. We ended up getting to the airport 5+ hours before our flight and did some shopping and people-watching before we boarded. Our flight home was another great one – this time the plane had screens on the seats so I was able to kill time and distract myself with in-flight word games and a glass of white wine (until Luke spilled it all over our pants!). We got back to Buffalo at around 11:30 and sped to my parents’ house to snuggle in with our babies!

Now that we’re home, I’ve realized a couple things. First, I am not deathly afraid of the idea of flying anymore. Not that I’m ready to hop on a plane right away, but the thought of it doesn’t make me want to throw up anymore – tiny victories! And second, I am definitely not interested in flying without our kids by our sides anytime soon. Leaving them with family for the weekend is nothing new, but being so far away made Luke and me both a whole different kind of anxious. Looks like family-friendly resorts are in store for us for quite a while! #helicoptermom

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