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Fight or Flight + St. Paul, Day 1

Two weeks ago, I sat sobbing at my computer writing out letters to our kids – “just in case.” Luke and I were going away for the weekend for a work function of his and I was about to get on an airplane for the first time in 10 years. For a bit of backstory: I am absolutely terrified of flying. I’m talking sweaty palms, shaky, on the verge of throwing up afraid. The last time I flew, it was to NYC with one of my girlfriends and her family my senior year of high school. When we arrived at the hotel after a somewhat turbulent flight, I realized my hips were bleeding from having my seatbelt so tight. Ridiculous, I know.

Okay, back to it: When Luke asked me to join him for a weekend away, I knew I had to conquer (or at least face) this fear once and for all. We booked our flights, made a makeshift will, kissed our sleeping kids a few thousand times, and anxiously made our way to the airport at 5AM on Friday morning. Once we got on the plane, I knew there was no turning back. Even if I wanted to go through with my desire to jump out of my seat, it wasn’t happening. I buckled in for the ride and squeezed the stuffed dog that Marleigh “hugged her bravery into” the night before. Ready or not…

The flight went smooth, with the exception of my leg shaking uncontrollably on takeoff and tears silently streaming down my face almost the entire time (hence my wonderful appearance in the above photo!). When we landed in St. Paul, I wanted to kiss the ground. Instead, we settled for the closest brunch and a fresh mimosa *not pictured.

Luke had seminars most of the weekend but we were able to spend the entire day on Friday exploring the city – the highlight of which was checking out the Como Park Zoo after braving our first rides on public transportation (no judgies. Suburbs 4E).

This place was such a gem! It was a bit outside of the downtown area but totally worth the $6 in bus fare to get there, and admission to the zoo was FREE! Everything was really well maintained including the animal’s exhibits. (Take note, Buffalo.)

Later Friday evening, we went out to dinner at a wood-fire pizza restaurant downtown and although it was totally Instagram-worthy, I didn’t snap any pictures of our meal before we devoured it! From there, we walked to Walgreens for snacks and made our way back to the hotel pretty early to settle in for the night. Getting up at 4AM, flying, changing time zones, and walking around a new city takes a lot out of you, apparently!

I’ll be back soon with more pictures from my day of solo exploring from Saturday. Stay tuned if you’re into that sort of thing!

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