New Year, New Word.

I’ve been absent from this space for far too long, but it’s not for lack of topics to write about. A lot of things fell into place for me professionally at the start of 2017, which has been amazing, stressful, and empowering all at the same time. I’m adjusting to my new routine while trying to stay afloat of my other responsibilities – maintaining a somewhat-clean house, being the world’s okay-est wife, and that minor detail of keeping our children alive.

With a few more balls added into my juggling act, I’ve decided upon a word for 2017. Not a resolution, not a specific goal, but rather a way to keep myself in-check as we venture through these next 355 days. For 2017, I want to be INTENTIONAL. 

Intentional with my purchases. This past weekend, we sorted through every cupboard, closet, and drawer in our home and came up with upwards of 12 garbage bags to donate or throw away. It was a slap in the face to both Luke and I that we have too much stuff. I recently watched the documentary “Minimalists” on Netflix and it was a real eye-opener for me. Not that I could ever see myself living in a tiny house or getting rid of all but two outfits, but a realization that more things means more to clean and tidy up on a daily basis, and thus less time to do other more important things. More things also means more money spent more often. Fixing things. Replacing things. Relying much too heavily on things. I want to be intentional on making purchases that really matter – like taking a family vacation or going out to a fancy dinner with my husband – and less on miscellaneous impulse buys while browsing the aisles of Target.

Intentional with my relationships. This includes both business and professional relationships. I want to put more effort into building my relationships with my husband and my kids. Be more willing to meet up with girlfriends on a whim for a night out. Put in the hard work to nurture and grow my existing business relationships while branching out to network myself more often. Be a better daughter, sister, friend, mother, and wife in every way possible. And that leads me to the next, perhaps most important aspect of being intentional.

Intentional with my time. I’ve decided that I am going to give myself normal business hours this year, starting work at 9AM and not checking my email after 5:00, whenever possible. I realize this will be difficult to get used to since I’m answering client emails or “putting out fires” and replying to followers on social media at 10:00 most nights, but I also realize that this habit is not healthy for me or my family. I need to be more intentional with the time I have. Put my phone down to get down on the floor and play with my kids more often. Spend more time in quality conversation with Luke instead of immersing ourselves in The Office every night. Take time for myself, because “an empty cup cannot fill others.” Going to more barre classes. Getting a massage every once in a while. Grabbing a good book and relaxing in a hot bubble bath more often. Being really there for my family when we’re together.

I know that these changes are going to take time, but I’m feeling really committed and anxious to see how I grow through being more intentional. Did you set resolutions for yourself for 2017 or is there a word that sums up what you hope to achieve this year? I’d love to encourage you as you work towards your goals! Drop a comment below!

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