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This past week, I crammed my hours into four ridiculously long work days and treated myself to a “Fun Friday.” I took the day off from (most of) my responsibilities and while this might go against my goal of being Intentional and giving myself a typical work day, giving myself a day off to give my mind and body a break from being at my computer for eight hours straight was a welcomed escape.

I started the morning frantically getting ready to leave the house to meet my sister at Creative Mornings on time – shout out to the working moms who do this on the daily with little ones!

After the talk, Tay and I had some time to spare before so we ventured to Elmwood for some Spot coffee. We grabbed a seat on the couch in the corner and talked shop while snapping photos and sipping lattes.

From there, we met up with our dad at Oshun (I got the pulled pork flatbread because fish is not my friend) and treated ourselves to manicures before venturing back to my parents’ house to meet up with our mom and the kids. The night ended with pizza and wings and I made it home just in time to tuck my little loves into bed! It was a wonderful day and, as always, so great to spend time with my sister who I am fortunate enough to also call my best friend!

Moral of the story? Take time to treat yourself every so often. “Me time” is good for the soul.

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