Toddler Trail Mix – Recipe

If your kids are anything like mine, they ask for snacks approximately 1,958,918 times per day. We have a few favorites around here: Yogurt bites, lil’ crunchies, and lil’ beanies. The only downfall I can think of with our favorite Gerber snacks is that the kids devour the entire contents of the can in less than 10 minutes, which is equal parts disgusting and impressive!

To help stretch the lifespan of our beloved lil’ Beanies container, I decided to switch things up a bit the other day with a Toddler Trail Mix.

What you’ll need:

  • Goldfish or similar snack
  • Pretzels
  • Honey Nut Cheerios or similar cereal
  • Gerber Lil’ Beanies (we chose the original flavor, but they also come in Cheddar Broccoli)

Mix a handful of each ingredient together in a small bowl and serve to grabby toddler hands! I actually stole a few bites of the trail mix to sample and it is the perfect blend of salty, sweet, and savory! The Original Lil’ Beanies bring a unique texture to the snack and we even had enough left in the container to make seconds!

FYI – We typically buy our Gerber snacks at Walmart. (Pro tip: Buy a can of Lil’ Beanies or Lil’ Crunchies as soon as you get to the store to ensure happy shoppers as you cruise the aisles.) Get your hands on Lil’ Beanies at Walmart and save with this special offer!

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