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DIY Pumpkin Succulents

Last night, my birthday week continued with a Succulent Pumpkin Workshop at Henry’s Gardens. My sister and sister in law joined me in the fun, along with a Bota Box of wine (of course). The class started by choosing a pumpkin from the store – I chose pastel orange and Rachel and Tay both opted for white – and we got started!

Barb, the owner of Henry’s Gardens, was super helpful in showing us the ropes of how to properly plant and propagate succulents. Surprisingly, we didn’t plant the succulents inside the pumpkins but rather on top of them using a special moss/soil, spray adhesive, and hot glue.

An hour and a half later and we all walked away with beautiful pumpkin creations – and maybe a few blistered fingers from the hot glue guns (#WorthIt). We were told the pumpkins should last us through Christmas, but I’m looking forward to re-potting the succulents after autumn passes us by.

Henry’s is hosting the Succulent Pumpkin Workshop through the end of October with classes on Thursdays at both 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM! You can check out more workshop information and get the links to pre-register on their website here, or visit their shop in Eden for more fall and pumpkin goodness!

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