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Apple Picking

We all had the day off yesterday for Columbus Day / Indigenous People’s Day / whatever we’re calling it these days and the weather was perfectly crisp for outdoor activities! Since we’re in full-blown Birthday Week, I talked the family into going apple picking before nap time, and thanks to a recommendation from a fellow Buffalo Mom, we headed off to Blackman Homestead Farm.

The kids had a blast looking at the goats and turkeys and running around the hay maze, but refused to go in the corn stalk teepee because, as Marleigh said, “The last time [we were] in one of those, it stunk like cow poopy!” Although I was really hoping to get a cute photo of the kids peeking out of the teepee window, I didn’t force it. One of our biggest goals as parents lately has been to make memories, not manufacture them – so off we went to the apple trees!

It should be noted that Huck picked one apple and immediately retreated back to the wagon to enjoy the fruits of his labor (literally). Meanwhile, MJ had a blast searching for the best and biggest picks, and we ended up coming home with exactly 14 pounds of apples. Anyone have good recipes to share? I’ve never baked an apple pie before, but I’m thinking that might be in the cards for this week!

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