Last weekend, our first baby turned FOUR years old. Just let that sink in for a bit, will you? FOUR. I can’t even believe it, and apparently, neither could Marleigh, since the first words out of her mouth when she woke up on her birthday were, “I can’t even BELIEVE i’m FOUR! Look at all the things I can reach now!”

We spent the weekend spoiling her with *almost* everything she asked for. Birthday breakfast pancakes (with sprinkles), a morning hike, ice cream treats, playing on the playground, a birthday cake (with sprinkles), and a bonfire to finish up the day (with s’mores). She was so pumped all weekend to be four whole years old, and every time I looked at her, I had to fight back tears. My first baby. The one who made me a mommy. Now officially a kid and not so much a toddler anymore.

She made the official transition into little-kid-hood last week with her first two days of Pre-K. Five days per week for two and a half hours a day, she will be under the care and guidance of someone other than me or another family member. Monday through Friday, her little brother and I will spend our mornings trying to figure out what the heck to do together without “Sissy” home with us. And every day of my whole entire life, I will beam with pride for this little girl and her giant heart, sweet spirit, and thirst for knowledge (that she clearly gets from her father).

The morning of her first day, we woke up and Luke had the brilliant idea to read Marleigh “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” He didn’t even get a sentence in before we were both crying and laughing at ourselves for how emotional we were about this whole Pre-K thing! He made his way to work shortly after and Mar and I spent the morning listening to music, playing with sticker books, and getting spiffed up for school. At 8:30 on the dot, I walked her in (fighting back tears down the world’s longest hallway) and took her to her locker where she sat patiently waiting for her first school day to start.

She smiled one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen as I dropped her off, and I was doing everything in my power not to blubber like a fool on my way out the door. I forced myself to take a barre class for 45 minutes and was one of the first parents back at the pick-up line when I was done. #noshame.

Happy/sad is an emotion that I never really experienced a whole lot before I became a mother. Now, I could practically cry on command any minute. Happy and grateful that I have these beautiful children to raise up and call my own. Sad and emotional that the time goes so darn fast!

To my Marleigh,
You are my best girl and you have the most wonderful personality of anyone I know. Your heart for others, for God, and especially for your family, inspire me every day to be a better person. You have taught me more in these quick four years than I have learned in my entire life thus far, and I truly mean it every night when I tell you that I am so proud to be your mommy. Now that you are four whole years old, you can reach so many things – the bottom of your bunk bed from the first rung on the ladder, the faucet in the bathroom all by yourself, and even the ceiling of our camper while you’re standing on mommy and daddy’s bed – but you have no idea the things we know you are capable of reaching in your life. I cannot wait to see you set your goals high and achieve your dreams as you continue to grow. But please, do mommy a favor and slow down just a little bit! I love you, baby girl! Happy birthday, and happy Pre-K, and happy everything! As daddy would say, “Love love love love love!”
Always – Mommy

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