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Kicking off Camping Season – 2016

It’s finally here! 

After months and months of waiting through the cold, a new camper purchase, and a whole lot of dreaming and decorating, the time finally arrived to take our Passport on its maiden camping voyage! Last weekend, we left on Friday afternoon and made our way just outside of East Syracuse to Green Lakes State Park.

When we arrived, the campground was crowded (to say the least), the weather was warm (understatement of the year), and we were all anxious to set up camp and start our long weekend! Mimi & Papa joined us with their new A-liner and we situated our picnic tables in-between our campers to make the most of our homes for the weekend.

We biked, walked, played on the playground, drank wine around the campfire, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed more s’mores than we should have, enjoyed a splash or two in the lake, and even got in a round of golf on Saturday morning before it got too ridiculously hot! The temperature reached 92 on Saturday, and thanks to Luke and his inability to handle the heat, we had a nice new generator working to keep us cool in the AC for nap time.

We were a little bit worried about how Huck would do camping this summer since he’s constantly on the go and rarely ever wants to sit still, which can be problematic with wide open spaces tempting him to explore! He did great, thanks mostly to the play yard my mom brilliantly brought with her, and he actually slept in his “big boy” camper bed all three nights!

I think it’s safe to say the kids both enjoyed their weekend. Huck was asking to go “Ow-iiide” (outside) as soon as we got home on Monday and Marleigh has been counting down the days all week until we hit the road again!

It was a wonderful family weekend and just the relaxation and reconnecting time we needed. Few things bring me more happiness than seeing our kids romp around at the campground and ending their days with untamed hair and sticky, dirty faces!

Cheers to camping season, our favorite time of the year! Follow along with all of our adventures by searching #GillsGoCamping on Instagram!

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