Five Minute Face

As a mom to two young children, taking the time to take care of myself doesn’t come too often. I am often pushing snooze as long as I can in the mornings and racing against the clock to get anywhere on time. Between changing diapers, changing clothes, feeding breakfast, and cleaning up messes, I count it as a win if I brush my teeth before 9AM most days!

Needless to say, I’ve become pretty efficient at making myself look decent  in a hurry. And so I present to you… five steps to a “five minute face.”

What you’ll need:

A few makeup brushes – I use one large for my powder foundation and one for my eye shadow. If I’m using bronzer, I add in an extra even-larger brush to my makeup bag. I got the Real Techniques brushes shown above for free thanks to a Klout perk! Hooray for social media!

Liquid foundation – Any brand will do. I’m a big supporter of the cheapest makeup I can get my hands on that won’t make my skin break out into a zillion zits! Lately, I’ve been loving this Covergirl Tru Blend. (Don’t mind the disgusting cap on it. I left it in my car overnight and it froze + exploded.)

Powder foundation – The same rules apply for this. The cheaper the better, as long as it doesn’t make me look like a mannequin. There is nothing worse than foundation making you look sickly (or fake). Maybelline Dream Wonder works well for my skin, giving full coverage with a matte feel.

Eyeshadow palettes – I almost exclusively use neutral tones of browns/golds. If I’m feeling extra daring, I’ll dab on a little bit of olive green or plum. I particularly love this Lorac palette and this four-pack from Victorias Secret. I also have a great Urban Decay palette, but it’s too big to fit inside my makeup bag so I usually forget to use it.

Eyeliner – Dark brown pencil. I absolutely cannot be trusted with liquid eyeliner.

Mascara – Maybe it’s Maybelline. (It’s usually Maybelline.) I got Benefit “They’re Real” mascara as a sample with a Rent the Runway purchase recently and I might have to splurge and buy it for myself when this tube is gone. It has amazing coverage and makes my eyelashes nice and long without clumping!

Okay – let’s get started!

Step 1. Take a super awkward photo of yourself in the mirror, then apply foundation
I honestly have no idea what I’m actually doing so I use my fingers to apply the liquid foundation. Then I take the large brush and apply powder foundation lightly on top and, sometimes, a dab of bronzer to the “apples” of my cheeks. When I use bronzer, I typically lightly brush whatever is left on the brush over the bridge of my nose to give a natural sun-kissed look.

Step 2. Apply eyeliner
I line from lash line to lash line on the top and inside my lash line on the bottom. I’ve heard this is a no-no, but whatev.

Step 3. Apply eye shadow
Using the large eyeshadow brush, I apply a nude color/highlighter directly under my brow and on the inside corners of my eyelids. Then, using the smaller brush, I apply a light brown on my eyelid and sometimes a darker brown or olive green on the crease to create a subtle “smoky eye.”

Step 4. Darken brows
While I have my eyeshadows out, I usually use the smaller brush to darken/fill in my eyebrows. I mainly do this because when I try using eyebrow pencil, I generally end up looking like Frida Kahlo. No bueno. I take a little bit of the dark brown eyeshadow color (NOT shimmery) and apply it to my eyebrows, starting on the inside and working my way out. I have, however, been loving the Sephora brow pencil that my mom bought for me recently. It’s light enough to not make me look like a weirdo but not TOO light to make me look like an Oompa Loompa with orange-tone eyebrows.  Again, disclaimer: I actually have no idea what I’m doing.

Step 5. Apply mascara
This is the final step and sometimes the only step I take when I wear makeup. I usually dip the brush once to do both the top and bottom lashes… top first so the application is lighter when I get to the bottom to prevent from “Tarantula eyes.” (Bonus points if you remember that mascara commercial.)

If I’m feeling real fancy, I might throw on some Chapstick or a neutral lip gloss. Rarely will you ever see me with lipstick on, but if you do, I can almost promise you’ll be wondering where in the world my top lip has disappeared to!

And voilà! There you have it. An obnoxiously large photo of my face and 5 little steps I take to prevent terrifying small children in public places.

Side note: these 5 steps are usually done from the drivers seat of my car in the parking lot at work/the grocery store/wherever I have to go on any given day because Lord knows having even five minutes alone in the bathroom with a three year old and one year old is unheard of!

*This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the brands mentioned above. 

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