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Shmalentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day weekend was anything but typical this year. Luke and I spent the entire day and night on Saturday in his truck, driving 6+ hours each way to and from Ohio to pick up our new camper. While it wasn’t exactly romantic, it was nice to get that time together uninterrupted to listen to music, talk about anything and everything, and basically just be together. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that our Valentine’s dinner consisted of McDonalds value meals, which we ate in the truck on the way home. Very fancy 😉 

Sunday, on actual Valentine’s Day, we picked up the kids bright and early from their slumber party at Grandpa and Gigi’s and ventured to Walmart for a few grocery items. Luke asked me what I wanted as a Valentine before he ran in – I requested flowers, anything but roses – and he did not disappoint! He also got little Valentines for the kids – flavored lip balms in a heart-shaped purse for Marleigh and Matchbox cars for Huck. Later that afternoon, we went to Luke’s sister’s house for a going away party for Luke’s little brother who is leaving today for boot camp in St. Louis (we’ll miss you, Uncle Zak!). And after that, our friends Lauren and Tyler and our godson Evan came over to “break in the camper” with us. We made dinner, had a few drinks, and the kids had fun playing cars and blocks in our new home on wheels! 

Yesterday, everyone had the day off for President’s Day, which also happened to be my parents’ 30 year anniversary! We invited them over for breakfast and I made a homemade heart-shaped breakfast pizza for everyone. I am SO proud of my parents and the example of love and marriage that they show everyone around them. 30 years is no easy feat, especially in today’s world, so we were happy to be able to celebrate with them on their special day! 

As you can see, our Valentine’s weekend was pretty unconventional and very low-key, but that was totally fine by me! I’ve never really gotten caught up in the “Shmalentine’s Day” hooplah, and Luke and I are looking forward to our Adirondack getaway this upcoming weekend for a true celebration of our “Annibirthary!” Plus, that brand spankin’ new camper sitting pretty in our driveway is a decent gift, if I do say so myself! 

Here’s to hoping you’re showered with the love you deserve every day of the year!

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