MJ and Huck

It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of monthly/annual update on the kids. Since they are changing and growing by the second, I figured I would take some of my spare time to jot down a few things about our Marleigh and Henry.

Marleigh Jo is now 3.5 years old with the personality of a 13 year old. She is spunky and keeps us laughing every day. We are learning that three year olds have A LOT of energy! She’s always dancing around, singing, making up silly stories, and almost never stops wiggling. 

A few random things about our sweet girl: She really is super sweet. She has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known, and she tells us often that she “loves everybody!”. She never forgets to say her prayers before we eat and she is so compassionate towards other people, especially her little brother. She is the best big sister and is always looking out for Huck’s feelings, unless he’s stealing her toys or pulling her hair! Along with being sweet, she has a tendency to be a bit moody. Like her mommy, you have to be careful with how you start her day and how you say things to her. Wake her up too fast or too friendly/loud and it’s all downhill from there! She is our little night owl and we can usually hear her “reading stories” to her stuffed animals and whisper-singing for at least an hour after we tuck her in at 8:00/8:30. Probably because of this, she likes to start her days slow with a cozy blanket on the couch and an episode or two of Curious George and some cereal. Marleigh is SO SMART. She loves going to “school” (a 2-day a week program that Mimi takes her to on Tuesday and Thursday mornings) and literally cries when her homework is finished. She loves to “read” (she currently can recite this book word for word from memory) and make up elaborate stories. Her “thing” lately is making up stories about when she was a baby. The other day she told me that when she was a baby, she was in the New York City Ballet and learned how to do “super spins” and “ballerina leaps!” There are also quite a few songs on the radio that she “Used to love when [she] was a baby!” She can count to at least 30, knows her ABC’s and how to spell her name by herself, and can write all of her letters and numbers up to 5. Her mind is always working and thinking. She has an incredible memory and can remember things from at least an entire year ago, usually much to our amazement! She is super musical and our little drama queen, always singing and dancing. She knows more songs on the radio than I do and is always making us laugh with her intense renditions of them. A few of her favorites right now are Exes and Ohs, Justin “Beaver,” and Hotline Bling (because it’s her Auntie Tay’s favorite). 

Marleigh is my little best friend and my partner in crime. She may be a daddy’s girl, but she always has her mommy’s back – unless she’s turning me in for getting her Timbits! Sure, she can be challenging at times – especially on the days where her ears just don’t seem to want to work or when she’s being super emotional (#threenager) – but she is ALWAYS a joy to be around!  Luke and I end each day by kissing her sleepy head and telling her that we love her and are so proud of her, and it couldn’t be any more true. 

Henry Russell. Where do I begin with our Huckles? The first word that comes to mind is “crazy,” and that he is! Huck keeps us on our toes every minute of the day. He is our little Sour Patch Kid, sour and sweet all in one. I never understood what people meant when they said “He is ALL boy” until we had Huck. 

Henny boy at 1.5 knows all of his animal sounds and babbles and talks up a storm. His most commonly used words are daddy (“Haddyyy”), Hansie (“Hahs-eyy”), Up, Uh oh, “Oh nooo,” cracker, apple (which he says for any kind of fruit), binkie (“Ding-dee”), bottle (“bah-oh”), hi, bye, and goodnight (“nigh-nigh!”). He claps, runs, climbs, dances, sings, and folds his little hands to say prayers before dinner. We’re working on teaching him his eyes, nose, and mouth, but so far he always just points to his ears and repeats the words after we say them- haha! 

Huck eats ALL. DAY. LONG, as you may be able to tell by the fact that he has crumbs on his face in almost every picture I take of him! His favorite foods are Crunchies, cereal, pretzels, and any form of cracker. He loves to play cars with his sissy and enjoys stealing her toys and running as fast as he can away from us when we try to get them back with a giant smirk on his face! He’s trouble, this one. He has a love-hate relationship with Hans and usually torments him by running back and forth behind the couch while the dog tries to catch him. He absolutely adores his big sister and acts like Jesus has returned to earth every time his daddy gets home from work. He has a real knack for sensing when I’m trying to accomplish housework or make dinner and will spend the entire time clinging to my legs and sticking his head in-between my knees until I pick him up or give him a snack. He loves watching Curious George and Little Einsteins, and copies them when they put their hands in their air and say “Blast Off!” in the show. It’s pretty much the cutest. Huck is our early riser and likes to go to bed early. He usually goes to bed at around 7:30 and wakes up anytime between 6-7:00. He is super snuggly when he first wakes up from his naps and in the mornings, and I cherish those fleeting moments to the best of my ability! Although we often find ourselves breathing a sigh of relief and plopping down on the couch for a moment of rest after we tuck him into bed at night, we always find ourselves standing at his crib for an extra few minutes before we go to sleep because we miss him.

I couldn’t be more proud or feel more blessed to be able to be Mommy to our two precious kids! My heart bursts at the seams every day with love for them. 

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