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Lake Placid Annibirthary

We’re on day two of being back to reality after our weekend getaway in the Adirondacks, and I wish I could put into words the soul-sucking feeling I get when we leave the Blue Line and head back to normal civilization after being in the mountains.

While it started out a bit rocky (we got rear-ended on our way to take the kids up to my parents’ house, which delayed us for a couple hours), our trip was wonderful and exactly what we needed – a few uninterrupted days to get away together and be husband and wife instead of just mommy and daddy. We were missing the kids like crazy mid-way through day two, and our hopes to someday take a tropical vacation for a week seemed to slip out the window when we imagined being away from them for 5+ days. Someday, maybe..!

We basically did a whole lot of nothing in particular while we were in Lake Placid. We were back in our hotel room by around 8:30 each night to relax, which is basically our specialty! As far as activities go, we did a lot of window shopping at the tourist spots on Main Street, walked on the frozen Mirror Lake, wandered into the Olympic Center to watch a few minutes of a youth hockey tournament, and managed to find some gems of drink/dining options. The bartender at Players made a mean Moscow mule which I enjoyed while we shared a platter of delicious nachos, and Dancing Bears’ “build your own” pizza was a big hit for Luke!

On the way home, we pulled over for a quick “hike” (few steps) back to the Cathedral Pines near Seventh Lake. It was a fun way to break up the ride home and the trees were much more impressive in person than they look in the photos. As per usual, we’re already counting down to the days until we see that beautiful wooden sign welcoming us back to the ADK this summer!

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