SNOW much fun

Oh hey there blog post draft that I wrote three weeks ago. *clicks ‘Publish’ anyway*

The weekend before Christmas, we finally got some beautiful white flaky SNOW! It started up on Friday afternoon and lasted through to Sunday morning, at which point it promptly melted into a disgusting brown muddy mess. The snow is back for now, with a little warm-up expected for this weekend and then temperatures plunging into the teens. 

Let’s just ignore that fact and take a look at some photos from our pre-Christmas snowfall, shall we?

The fresh fallen snow looked picture-perfect on our decorated pine tree in the back yard. Even Hansie enjoyed running around and playing outside, until his paws got too cold and he returned to his usual whimpering-by-the-door self! (#highmaintenance)

Later that night, we tucked Henry into bed and bundled up to play outside with Marleigh. She especially enjoyed the snowball fights, and we all appreciated the bonfire that Luke built to keep our toes warm!

There’s just something so special about the first snowfall of the season, when everything is crisp and white and the ground finally freezes over so that I don’t have to keep wiping off Hans’ muddy mops of paws every day!

You’ll probably have to remind me I said that in April when it’s still snowing and I’m about to lose my mind… 

As for now, I’m going to take advantage of consecutive naps and lay my sniffly, sneezy self on the couch for a few episodes of New Girl! Happy Friday, friends!


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