Merry Christmas!

We had the busiest, merriest Christmas weekend and I’m finally getting around to gathering our photos and posting a recap to this little ol’ blog of mine. Sorry for the radio silence over here the last few days. Between finishing up DIY gifts, hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house, and three different Christmas Eve gatherings, our holiday weekend was extremely full — both with chaos and love! 

Now we’re in the trenches of post-Christmas colds with both Marleigh and Huck struggling through stuffy noses, coughs, and an ear infection for the little guy. Hoping they’re on the mend soon and that Luke and I don’t catch what they have, although that seems inevitable at this point.

And now, you guessed it — a bunch of photos from our Christmas festivities! I hope you and yours had the happiest holiday. I know we did! 

Christmas Eve: We went to the early 3:00 church service and came home for dinner with my family (+ Caramel Apple Moscow Mules). Marleigh got her favorite gift from Auntie Tay and Uncle Jake – a microphone and stand! She promptly requested “Exes and Ohs” and performed it for us while making Tay and Jake play the guitar and drums for the entire song. 

Christmas morning: To anyone who takes good, non-blurry photos of their children on Christmas morning, I salute you. We woke up and Marleigh was SO exited that Santa came, which we were glad for seeing as she requested he leave her presents in the mud room so he wouldn’t have to come into our house..haha! The look on her face when she saw that he ate his cookies and the reindeer took bites out of the apple is one I will never forget. It was the highlight of my Christmas, for sure. The kids both loved their presents (Marleigh especially loved her tool box so she can help daddy in the garage!), and we had the best morning with just the four of us (and Hansie) before heading over to Luke’s dad’s house for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Day: We all decided to let the kids stay in their Christmas jammies for the day and MJ and Huck had a blast playing with their cousins all day. Marleigh and Ava had a tea party, they all ran around like crazies, and we ended the night by watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Our poor Huckle doo was so sleepy and sad from not feeling well, so he and I snuggled on the couch for most of the evening after dinner before we packed up and headed home for bed time.

Our third day of Christmas was the annual “Amico Family Christmas” party at my sister and brother in law’s house, but I had to leave early because our Henry was so cranky and tired. MJ and Luke stayed for the festivities and Huckles and I went home to relax. He ended up falling asleep at around 6:15 and I enjoyed a quiet house with a glass of moscato and a new book (for approximately 10 minutes until I got so bored and started counting down the minutes until the rest of my little fam got home)! 

Next Up: New Year’s Eve festivities! We’re getting fancy this year and going to the Ice Ball downtown Buffalo and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the dress I ordered from Rent the Runway fits me after indulging in Christmas cookies and treats this weekend! 

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