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Family Photos at the Tree Farm

A couple weekends ago, we met up with our favorite photographer for our annual family photos. I initially didn’t want our pictures to look too Christmas-ey… until I saw the idea for pictures at a Christmas tree farm and decided to do the exact opposite and Christmas the crap out of them!  😉

This year was a bit different; first because we didn’t even have to wear coats in December, and second because our photographer recently broke her leg and was either in a wheelchair or on crutches for the entire shoot! Now that’s dedication! 

They turned out so adorable and my only issue with them is that I’m having an awful time deciding on which photos to order prints of! 

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Coming soon to Christmas cards near you (eventually)! 

As always, a special thank you to Hillary Spaulding of Agape Photography for capturing these memories of our little fam! If you’re in the Buffalo/WNY area, contact Hillary to book your next session! She never, ever disappoints (even with crazy squirmy and rambunctious kids)! 

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