2015 In Review

I feel like I was just writing out my 2014 review a month ago, and yet here I am recapping yet another year coming to a close. I got my wish for 2015 being a much brighter year, and it was fun to look back on the past 12 months and see how far we’ve come!

In January, we moved into our #GillsEdenEstate and started on the tedious process of painting, remodeling, and decorating. We’re still working to make our house 100% our own, but we have come a LONG way, and there are a few posts to come to prove it! February came along and we added a new furry child  in “Prince Hans”.  We spent the month of March adjusting to our new normal and continuing to settle into our new home, as Huck turned 5 months old and we geared up for our first camping trip of the season. In April, we went on our maiden camping voyage as a family of four (+ Hansie) to Myrtle Beach, SC. After the most treacherous ride down, hitting snow in all but one state, and debating turning around multiple times, the long drive was more than worth it when we saw Marleigh’s excitement at her first glimpse of the ocean! May brought along more camping and viewing Mother’s Day in a different light. More camping in June (surprise, surprise!) and a “gypsy” trip to the Adirondacks for 11 days brought us into July, including a weekend at “Pappy’s Dude Ranch” where we eventually lost Hans for two horrible days. We went on our annual Gill family vacation to the ADK in August and celebrated Marleigh’s 3rd birthday with a backyard “Bee”BQ with family and friends. On September 3rd, MJ officially turned 3, Luke and I celebrated our four year anniversary, and my mom celebrated her “second birthday.” We experienced  loss and heartache as we said our goodbyes to Grandpa Jim later that month, and October began with some much-needed happiness celebrating Huck’s first birthday with a lumberjack brunch! In November, we gave thanks for our many blessings and spent the month overcoming cabin fever and preparing for our first winter in the new house. December came quickly and passed even faster, and although it was mainly snow-less and we had the greenest Christmas I can remember, it was one for the books as we got to experience the joy of the season through our children’s eyes. 

As we embark on a new year, my only hopes for the next 12 months are for the usual: health, happiness, love, and laughter. Wishing you all the same in 2016! 

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