Thanksgiving 2015

What is it about the Monday after a holiday weekend that seems so painful? I’m not even at work today and my day is still dragging by! I just brewed my second cup of coffee for the day and tucked Marleigh in for her afternoon nap, and Huck is currently lost in Netflix-land watching “The Mater Show,” so it seemed like a perfect time to steal a few seconds to recap our Thanksgiving festivities from last week! 

We started the holiday weekend by skipping Thanksgiving altogether in our house and decorating our Christmas tree! My husband is the type that would put our Christmas tree up in September if I let him, and while I usually have a strict “NOT until after Thanksgiving!” rule, I was really excited to have our tree up and decorated when we got home from our Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night. (We usually prefer to cut down our own tree, but the weather this year is unseasonably warm and rainy, so we opted for a fresh cut tree from Lowe’s instead.) 

Little full, lotta sap!

Thanksgiving morning, Luke went hunting for a bit and the kids and I got busy baking and decorating sugar cookies and I made my mini pumpkin pies to bring to my parents’ house. We left for Mimi & Papa’s at around noon and the whole familia was there waiting for us with apple cider mimosas and all of our favorite apps prepped and ready for consumption! 

We spent the day watching football, cooking, watching the kids play, and decorating the tree, and sat down together for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! I always love being together with my whole family, and being able to show up with my hair in a messy bun and wearing leggings-as-pants was the icing on the cake (or should I say the cool whip on the pumpkin pie?). We had a great day celebrating the things we are most Thankful for – family, good health, good jobs, and strong relationships. Who could ask for anything more?! 

Friday was spent being lazy at home in our pajamas recovering from turkey-comas and doing a little bit of online shopping. We made our way to Lukes’ dad and step mom’s house on Saturday afternoon for Thanksgiving round 2 for another day of way too much good food and yummy drinks, and quality family time!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, got some good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, and are ready to get into full-blown Christmas mode! 

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