Fall Fun

We’ve  been having some seriously great weather here lately, and when you live in Western New York, you learn to take full advantage of every sunny day in November you’re lucky enough to get. So when the kids were both suffering from a case of the grumpies yesterday, I made the executive decision to get them bundled up and out of the house to play off some of the negative energy. My Uncle generously gave us this swing-set last Spring and it has been such a Godsend, especially since we live on a pretty busy street with no sidewalks. Escaping to the back yard to play was just what we all needed to turn our frowns upside down! 

We stayed out until the sun started to set and boogers started to run down Huck’s face from the cold air — crunching in the leaves, playing in the sandbox, swinging (and pushing Olaf in the swing), and going down the slide.  

And now, for a slightly obnoxious amount of photos of my kids. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The temperatures are staying pretty consistent in the mid-50’s for the rest of this week; and although the forecast is calling for a few days of rain, I’ll gladly take it over our weather from last November around this time when we were literally snowed into our house for 5 days straight. Hooray for fall sticking around just a little bit longer!

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