An Extra Boo from Halloween

I had really good intentions of posting a recap of the last “Wireless Weekend” of October, chock full of pumpkin carving, DIY costumes, and lots of trick or treating. But alas… a certain someone left my camera on the top of my car after trick or treating and it’s gone (bonus points if you read that in the Sandlot voice). 

Anyhoo… as far as our pumpkin carving goes, the kids had a blast making an impressive mess out of the pumpkin “guts” and Hans had a blast eating the finished pumpkins approximately 5 minutes after we put them out on the porch. Note to self: move the pumpkins beyond the reach of his invisible fence next year! 

I spent the day on Saturday making Henry’s Halloween costume and my spider costume, and I had a fun DIY post in mind for them both, but… you know… smashed camera. 

Marleigh dressed up as a pumpkin and Huck as “Chuck” AKA Charlie Brown, complete with a brown baggie for his treats. We had an entourage of about 20 people, went to approximately 6 houses, and the kids walked away with more goodies and presents than they usually get from us for Christmas! We all had so much fun – and since we knew everyone in the neighborhood and they were expecting us, everyone made sure to have peanut-free treats for MJ, which was amazing. I managed to steal a few photos from my sister from Halloween night (thanks, Tay!) and figured I might as well share them here!

Belly bumps all around!  Here’s to November and the start of the holiday season! 

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