Wireless Weekend Recap

Hello and happy Monday! Checking in for a quick post to recap another “Wireless Weekend.” This was a good one – “Cinnamon Roll Saturday,” mani/pedis with my mom and sister while Luke helped his step dad fix a roof, lots of cozy time in our pajamas (and in undies/diapers if you’re Marleigh and Huck!), and a full house yesterday morning for the Bills game in London complete with breakfast pizza and burritos, mimosas, and a whole lot of swearing at the TV, as per usual. 

Hans snuck up on the couch to snuggle with Mar for a few seconds – Shh... don't tell daddy! ;) 

Hans snuck up on the couch to snuggle with Mar for a few seconds – Shh… don’t tell daddy! 😉 

To be totally honest, I broke my “wireless weekend” rule a few times this weekend, but I’ve been careful to keep the phone at a distance as much as possible – especially while the kids are awake! 

This morning, everyone let me “sleep in” until 7:00 and we’re gearing up for another busy week with a big cup of coffee and some Room on the Broom on Netflix. (One of our favorites!)

I’m hoping to get a good chunk of my freelance work done this morning/afternoon so that I can start working on new Hammers & Hair Bows creations during nap time today – we head to our first craft show event on November 21st and we have a whole lot of product to get ready in the meantime!

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