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Twenty Six

I turned 26 this week and thanks to good ol’ Christopher Columbus and his controversial “discovery of the new world,” Luke got to have the day off to spend with us!

The day started just like every good birthday starts: by saving a dog who ran away from home. Ha! I was sitting in the living room enjoying my cup of coffee when I saw a little runt of a pup running as fast as his little legs could carry him down our busy street, all decked out in his skeleton sweatshirt. Running down the road bra-less in bare feet chasing someone else’s dog was definitely not on my list of ideal ways to start my birthday, but I’m happy to say the little guy managed to avoid getting hit by the 10+ cars that sped down our street without stopping for him (kudos to the nice woman in the Prius who stopped, picked him up, and drove my disheveled self home!) and as luck would have it, the woman who lost him pulled into our driveway just as I was getting out of the car with the dog half-asleep in my arms. Crisis averted!

After all that excitement, I changed out of my pajamas and got away for a couple hours by myself to do a little bit of shopping then came home to spend some time with the kids while Luke went to a quick meeting. When he got home, we packed up and headed to the pumpkin patch for some fall family fun.

The weather was beautiful and despite the pumpkin patch being a bit picked over, we all managed to find a few winners. 

Marleigh ran through the hay maze about 50 times (exclaiming “I WON!” after she made it through each time), we enjoyed some cider and popcorn, we went for an obligatory lackluster tractor/wagon ride, Huck hung out sleepily in the stroller for most of the trip, and MJ partook in her favorite activity as of late – refusing to take any decent family pictures (#threenager). 

We took the long way on our ride home to look at the beautiful fall foliage, got home for pasta night, and Marleigh and Luke sang happy birthday to me with homemade cookie-brownies… complete with very fancy matches for candles!

It’s funny to write this post and think how people probably think this sounds like a less-than-stellar day, but my birthday was so special surrounded by my little family. So far, 26 is off to a pretty great start!

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes through text messages, phone calls, Facebook, and Instagram. They made my day even happier than it already was. Cheers to another trip around the sun!

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