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Among the Wildflowers

About a mile down the road from our house, there’s a small greenhouse and garden shop with a beautiful field of U-pick flowers. I’ve been wanting to check it out all summer and the opportunity finally presented itself this past week! I called my mom and she joined us on our little adventure since Marleigh was missing her Mimi, and we had so much fun picking our personalized bouquets of flowers. For just 60 cents a stem, you can’t beat it! My flowers are still holding on strong in their vases, but I already can’t wait to go back for some more. And now, some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Henry’s Gardens! If you’re in the Buffalo/WNY area, I highly recommend taking a trip out to Eden to discover this hidden gem for yourself. As for me, I’m planning on going back real soon for those succulent-filled pumpkins and dried wheat bushels that I can’t stop thinking about!

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